Resource Sylabus 2012-2013
    Resource Goals


    • Students will develop skills that support organization.
    • Students will develop habits that support their academic success, such as responsibility of staying organized, collecting work when absent, as well as self-advocating for the content area they may experience difficulty.
    • Students will receive support such as mini-lessons as well as one-on-one help with which subject areas that prove to be difficult.


    Resource Activities/Routines:


    • As students enter the room they will present a daily planner that contains their homework, completed class work, and notes taken in class for that day.
    • Completion of homework.
    • Mini-lesson or One-on-one assistance: Students will receive support in subject areas that they are struggling with at that time.  This support may be presented by a lesson of how to work on certain skills or one-on-one time with each student that helps the student and teacher to understand why he/she is struggling.
    • Finish tests that were not finished in class due to extended time or teacher preference.
    • Review materials that pertain to standardized test.


    What a classroom teacher can do to help?


    -          Our job as resource teachers are to further assist students in the academic areas with which they struggle.  From my experience so far, they have needed the most reinforcement in Math and English.


    -          We are asking that classroom teachers, who have resource children, either email us or put a note in our mailboxes explaining what students will be taught for the week.  This way we can help students to prepare for the tests as well as gain insight from the classroom teacher on where students are struggling.






    Miss Jariwala










    Grading Policy:


    50% Classwork

    20% Projects

    30% Tests/quizzes









    Structure of Activities in Resource Room


    Journal Writing

    Mini lesson



    Classroom support