• Northwest College Preparatory School

    A College Board school of the Rochester City School District

    The Fredrick Douglass Campus

    940 Fernwood Park, Rochester NY 14609

                                                                                                    (585) 324-9273 X 3340

    Aaron Valachovic

    Special Education 12:1:1 Classroom



    Plan for Success



    • Students will practice skills that will make he/she successful.
    • Students will gain the knowledge needed to attend the college of their choice.
    • Students will develop habits that support their academic success.  Such as responsibility of staying organized, collecting work when absent, as well as self-advocating for the content he/she may experience difficulty with.



    • Mini-lesson or one-on-one assistance: Students will receive support in each of the content areas.  This support may be presented by a lesson of how to work on certain skills or one-on-one time with each student that helps the student and teacher to understand why he/she is struggling.  All lessons will reinforce skills students will be tested on that week.
    • Completion of class work


    Course Grade: 

    • Behavior (50%): Students are graded on a 5 point scale every day he/she enters the classroom.

    5 Points: Attend class on time; Follow classroom expectations and rules; Participate and

        complete class work

    4 Points: Attend class on time; Follow all classroom expectations and rules; Participate and

        completing most class work

    3 Points: Attend class on time; Follow all classroom expectations and rules; Minimal participation

    completing class work, or participating. 
                                2 Points: Attending class; either following classroom expectations or rules, not completing class
                                           work, or participating.
                           1 Point:  Attending class, but not following teacher directive or classroom rules.
                           0 Points: Did not attend or walked out of class due to a behavioral issue


    • Class work and Participation (30%):

           - Participation includes attending class with expected materials and showing active

             engagement in lessons being taught.

    -  Class work includes worksheets, vocabulary review, notes, hands on experiments that

        reinforce the lesson presented that day.

    -  A student needs to be actively engaged in the mini-lesson presented that

       day.  Disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated and may have a negative impact on students 



    • Tests/Quizzes/Projects (20%): Given to assess student retention of content presented throughout the week. Given at the end of a chapter or unit.  Reinforcement of content presented as well as weekly quizzes.  

    Expectations: (P.R.I.D.E)


    • Students report to class on time and prepared.
    • Respect: Treat others as you would want to be treated (1) Use Appropriate language (2) Do not engage in verbal or physical abuse (3) Take pride in the school community
    • Be invested in your work every day.  (1) Prepare mentally for class (2) Positive attitude (3) Take care of school building
    • Students must display that he/she are determined to succeed. (1) Engaged in learning (2) Do the Right thing (3) Try your best
    • Students must expect more of his/her self.  (1) Become a positive Role model (2) Challenge his/her self daily. 

    Discipline:  If a student exhibits behaviors that do not to adhere to the rules created by North East College Preparatory School the following actions will take place:


    Negative Consequences


    Step 1: Non-Verbal Warning by Teacher: A look or gesture that behavior is inappropriate.


    Step 2: Verbal Warning by Teacher: Student is spoken to about behavior. Minor Incident Report is

                completed on behavior.


    Step 3: Phone Call Home and MIR Form Completed: parents will be made aware of inappropriate

                behavior that has been displayed in the classroom


    Step 4: Lunch or Before School Detention: Parent is notified about his/her child’s behavior 


    Step 5: Referral/Administrative Consequence: Student will be removed from the classroom and will meet

                with a administrator.


    Positive Rewards:

    Pride Bucks       Computer Time      Movie afternoon Friday         Snack          Positive call home/administrator


    Ways to cope when having a bad day:


    -         Use STA technique: STOP   THINK   ACT

    -         Draw or write in a journal

    -         Ask respectfully if you can leave the room to relax with an adult

    -         Request to speak to a social worker or counselor

    -         Sit in the hallway to relax for up to 5 minutes