• Marking Period 4
    Unit 4: Tell me a Tale
    Area of interaction focus

    Which area of interaction will be our focus?
    Why have we chosen this?

    Significant concept(s)

    What are the big ideas? What do we want our students to retain for years into the future?

    Human Ingenuity

    Student Learning Expectations

    Awareness and understanding of the individual desire to create, develop of change things

    Reflection causes changes.
    MYP unit question

    How can reflecting change my story?

    Daily Classwork and Assignments
    January 30, 2013
    Unit 4, Day 1
    • Short Story reading- students read different short stories and highlighted information such as characters, setting, and climax

    HW: Finish reading short story

    February 1, 2013
    Unit 4, Day 2
    • Short story reading
    • Girls group read Hunting for Boys by Sharon Flake and answered embedded questions in the story
    • Boys group read The Boogeyman by Steven King and answered embedded questions in the story

    HW: Finish reading story for Tuesday and use your created character and put them in a scary situation.