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    NW Jr. High/NE High School
    Panthers Athletics
    Rochester City School District
    Student Athlete Code Of Ethics


    It is the responsibility of the student athlete to:


    ·         Demonstrate self-control and respect for others at all times, be they coaches, officials, spectators or other athletes.

    ·         Remember that participation in athletics is a privilege that is not to be abused by unsportsmanlike behavior.

    ·         Treat opponents with respect.  Shake hands after all competitions and congratulate them on their performance.

    ·         Respect the integrity and judgment of coaches and officials.

    ·         Improper behavior while in uniform, in school or in community reflects poorly upon yourself, your family, your school, your district and your community.

    ·         Understand and abide by the rules and regulations of the game.

    ·         Accept victory with grace and defeat with dignity.

    ·         The use, abuse and resulting negative influence of drugs, including alcohol, tobacco and performance enhancing supplements is detrimental to the game and its participants.


    Participation in athletics is both a privilege and a responsibility. Athletes earn recognition for their achievements as representatives of their school, team, student body, and the community.  When an athlete accepts the privilege, he/she must live up to a “Code Of Ethics” beyond that of the general student body on and off school property during the athletic season and off-season.


    As a prerequisite for participation, athletes and parents must sign a statement that commits the athlete to follow the established training rules and requires parents to do everything in their power to make sure the athlete abides by the established “Code Of Ethics.”  Even if an athlete plays more than one sport, this “Code Of Ethics” must be reviewed and adhered to. 

    It is the expectation that every student athlete and their parent will attend the district’s preseason parent/athlete meeting, which will be facilitated by the Athletic Director.  The preseason parent/athlete meeting will be scheduled at the beginning of each sport season.  Absence from the preseason meeting will not provide you exemption from the “Code Of Ethics.”   The “Code Of Ethics” is applicable during the entire calendar year.  Violations in the off-season and summer recess will be administered during the next athletic season in which the student participates.


    The student athlete is expected to comply with the established team rules, procedures and instructions of the coach.  Coaches have the authority to suspend a student athlete temporarily for failure to comply with the rules and procedures or when the athlete’s safety or safety of others requires such action.  Permanent removal from the team may occur only after a written recommendation, from the head coach, is submitted to the Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director will consult with the building Principal to make a final determination.




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