Mr. Holloway's Classroom Policies and Procedures


              Students are expected to-


    1)   Be on Time

    2)   Be prepared for class

    3)   Participate in all class activities

    4)   Follow the Classroom Rules!
    Classroom Rules
    1) Arrive on time!
                 -No fooling around when you walk in the room!
    2) No Talking when the teacher is Talking!
    3) No walking around!
    4) Keep the noise level down (Work Time)!
    5) No food or drinks!
                   You only need to bring a writing utensil to class everday! DON'T FORGET IT! 
             Everything else will be provided to you.
                   Any behaviroal issues, the following steps will be taken:
                     1) Warning
               2) Conference with teacher
               3) Call home
               4) Conference with teacher and administrator