• What's the BIG IDEA?
    The Big Idea of the week is....The Regions and Cultures of the Americas!
    Key Questions answered during the week:
    1. What is a civilization? What makes a culture "civilized"?
    2. Where were the first civilizations of the Americas ?
    3. What similarities were there among the Mayan/Aztec/Inca civilizations?
    4. What cultures were established later in North America?
    5. In what regions were the North Amercian cultures?  
    • Chapter 1 in the textbook/ Sections 1-2
    • Reading and notes
    • Key Vocabulary appears in blue in the textbook
    • Three BrainPop episodes watched on the three Ancient Civs of Mesoamerica
    • Map and notes on the North American cultures made in class
    • Review in class
    • Test on Chapter 1 is coming soon!