• Core Values
    Academic Excellence

    We commit to give our best effort towards learning and understanding content – always seeking to expand our problem-solving skills.

    We value each other and take care of each other, and are willing to help others.

    We treat others as we would want to be treated. We are respectful of ourselves and others; we work together to make decisions that benefit ourselves and our community.

    We move quickly – embracing change and seizing new opportunities.

    We actively participate in and positively contribute to our school and local community. We are socially responsible; we appreciate and enhance the culture of our school and community.

    We rigorously uphold making ethical and morally correct decisions in our interactions – establishing trust with each other and in our relationship with our partners. Being reliable and following through on our commitments solidifies a trustworthy environment.

    We appreciate and celebrate the differences among us - seeking to understand, actively participate and communicate with the broadest range of people and perspective.


    We work to honor our commitment to improving ourselves and our community, taking pride in attaining the highest level of academic achievement possible. We know that we have the power to determine our future and shape our quality of life.

Last Modified on December 18, 2017