ENGLISH VII                                                      Grade Level:  7

    Credit:  None                                                      

    Students will develop and strengthen skills in four fundamental areas; reading, writing, speaking and listening as we focus on the New York State Standards for English Language Arts.  Students will continue to work on skill building their reading and writing to meet the requirements for the New York State Assessment in January.


    ENGLISH VIII                                                    Grade Level:  8

    Credit:  None                                                      

    Challenge is the conceptual focus of the year.  Students will begin the year learning several ways to improve reading comprehension and writing.  Students will analyze fiction and non-fiction passages and learn strategies for taking the NYS English Language Assessment in January.  Students will end the year by reflecting on the portfolio they have created as readers, writers, listeners, and speakers of Standard English.


    ENGLISH I                                                          Grade Level:  9

    Credit:  1.0                                                          

    This beginning Regent’s course establishes the fundamental skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  While studying multi-cultural literature focusing on both fiction and non-fiction, students will begin to apply their skills in interpreting literature and be introduced to analytical writing.


    ENGLISH II                                                        Grade Level:  10

    Credit:  1.0                                                          

    Prerequisites:  English I

    Culture is the conceptual focus for the year and the students will continue analyzing literature and broadening their knowledge base on their writing skills. Using themselves students will study a variety of genres including moving non-fiction pieces and placing them in juxtaposition to real world events. Students will continue to strengthen their skills through reading and writing in preparation for the Regents examination.


    ENGLISH III                                                       Grade Level:  11

    Credit:  1.0                                                          

    Prerequisite:  English II

    Focusing on American Literature students will explore literature beginning with the 18th century and continuing through present.  A variety of literature and media are used to supplement the curriculum, while the focus still remains on preparation for the exam in June.  Students will also continue to analyze skills in reading and writing, they will also be responsible for independent reading, and class projects. The course will end in the English Language Arts Regents exam.


    ENGLISH IV                                                       Grade Level:  12

    Credit:  1.0                                                          

    Prerequisite:  English III

    The English IV curriculum stresses various skills through a study of units in the Senior English Springboard curriculum. The learning focus is on “Perspective and the Individual”. The course will develop and strengthen skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking. Students will be required to read different types of literature and reflect on their reading through discussions, writing and tests. The course will end in a local exam.




    Credit:  1.0                                                           Grade Level:  11 - 12

    Prerequisite:  English III Regents or Honors

    This course is designed to expose students to several genres of literature, as well as a variety of different writing styles.  Students will use college-level strategies to critically analyze literature, as well as to recognize the impact of literary works on society.  In the course, students can expect to learn about applying literary elements, dissect poetry and short stories, read several complex novels, and write critical essays about each of the works read in class and independently. Students will take the Advanced Placement exam in English Literature in May. The course will end in a local exam in June.



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