In the Fall, our class took a trip to a Pumpkin Farm.  The children were able to see how pumpkins and corn are grown, and what a farm is like.
     Maria, a 5 year old child, is preparing celerly for a snack.  Giving responsibility to children, and letting them do important jobs independently, helps them to develop an important sense of self. The satisfaction of knowing they are trusted and important contributers to the classroom society brings about a peaceful air about the child, which carries over into other learning and social opportunities.
    A Walkathon Fun Day
    Having fun during the Walkathon!
    Kristopher (K.C.) is learning how to write numbers.
    Malcolm is discovering that triangles, when put together, will make other shapes.  He is 3 years old.
    Enrique # rods
    Enrique discovered some relationships between numbers 1 to 10.  He will play many number games with this material.
    Bless'ng learned how to cylindars fi, so now she is doing it while blindfolded! 
    Norman has been experimenting with cylindars of different heights and dimensions, and is comparing them all together.  He needed to develop concentration, coordination, and a sense of shape and size before succeeding with this activity,
    Asah is busy making a gingerbread man.  We cook everything from scratch so that the children can see how things are baked.  it is also a gread way to experience science.
    One child teaching
    In a Montessori classroom, there is a 3 year age span.  The old chldren love to teach.  Amber is teaching Bless'ng about vegetables.
    The child who worked with these triangles decided to experiment on her own, and discovered, through thought and analysis, that all of these triangles arranged in this way would make one large equilateral triangle.
    Hamahd puzzle
    Kente cloth
    all the continents
    In a Montessori classroom, the teacher is there to support the child's interests, and take advantage of opportunities to help them to expand  their knowledge. In this case, once Hamahd showed an interst in the continents, we found things in the classroom that helped him understand that there are many amazing things in the world to see, and wonderful cultures to learn about.  For example, he knows now that Kente cloth is an important part of a culture in West Africa. Once he got some interesting information about one continent, he wanted to know something about them all. This is the joy of learning!
    3 yrs and sandpaper letters
    3 year olds are facinated by our language, and it is the best time for them to learn about the sounds that we make when we speak. Christopher is especially interested in learning all of the sounds, and loves to find the letters that make them.  Here he is pleased about matching objects with the letters that make the beginning sounds of each.
    Does Montessori make a difference in the lives of children?
    Many people who have graduated from our school venture back for visits. 
    Here, Aliyah Donadelle, who was one of the first 3 year olds to start at the Montessori Academy, helps Asah Frost with making gift tags for the holiday celebrations. Aliyah attends Mercy High, and came to volunteer her time at our school.