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    Hi!  My name is Julie Thurley and I am a Kindergarten teacher at Henry W. Longfellow School #36. 
    My goal for teaching at School 36 is to ensure that my students learn and prepare themselves for first grade in a positive and inspiring environment, while building relationships with families.
    This is my 7th year of  teaching in the RCSD.
    I have taught 5th grade Gen Ed., Reading Intervention 1st thru 6th,  3rd grade, and 4 years at the kindergarten level.
    This is my 11th  year in the teaching profession. I taught 4 years at ABC Headstart Pre-k, 3rd grade at a charter school, and part time as a coach for Encompass Learning.
    My educational background is as follows: 
    High School: Athena Jr & Sr High School. 
    College: St John Fisher Bachelor's of Science: Human Resources/Business Mgmt. 
    Graduate Schools: St John Fisher: Master's of Science in Human Services Administration
    Nazareth College: Masters of Science in Inclusive/General Education Birth thru sixth grade
    University of Rochester: Doctorate in Education in literacy studies Fall 2015
       My policy is an open door classroom when visiting please sign in at the office. Parent volunteers are welcome upon meeting with the teacher.
     Parents can contact me at Julie.thurley@rcsdk12.org or 585-342-7270 ext 1070
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Thurley
    Mrs. Thurley