•        Middle school is NOT easy.  It goes without saying that this time of conscious transformation is complete with social, emotional, physical, and cognitive challenges.  The Community Engagement Team (CET) at DAHY is a group of community members, parents, and staff who meet monthly to discuss ways to improve school quality and support student success. D.A.H.Y. strives to engage in meaningful relationships that yield positive outcomes for our scholars and their families as they continue to carve out their paths as lifetime learners.  Our school year provides opportunities for our scholars to grow and develop skills and strategies that “bloom” into careers that will change their family’s trajectory of success for generations to come.  Additionally, it enables our scholars to shift from being in a community to becoming integral members, that impact change for themselves and others.  We are most grateful for the support from our community partners who have been in the rooms with us in the planning and executing stages to ensure success and build trusting intergenerational relationships:




    Community Site Coordinator: Ms. Chereeze Hall, chereeze.hall@rcsdk12.org