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Malik Evans

MEvans 2013

Malik Evans
131 W. Broad Street
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 262-8525
Board Liaison to:
Wilson Commencement Academy
Wilson Foundation Academy
Rochester Early College High School

Preschool-Parent Program
Schools 4, 8, 20, 42, 43
Term expires Dec. 2015



Malik Evans has a long record of community involvement andleadership in the Rochester area. His service to the Rochester community beganwhen he was just a teen growing up in Rochester and attending Wilson MagnetHigh School. Malik initiated the City-County Youth Council to help get youngpeople in Monroe County involved in community service. His extensive communityinvolvement led to speaking engagements throughout the country on the roleyouth can play in community transformation, culminating with a presentation atthe White House in 1999.

As a student at the University of Rochester, Malik helped tolaunch numerous initiatives to foster student involvement and bring studentvoices to the forefront. During his tenure, the College Diversity Roundtablewas created and the Dr. Martin Luther King Commemorative address was launched,becoming an annual event. Malik also loved serving as the Students AssociationTreasurer, and assuming responsibility for all student activity fees.

In 2003, he decided to apply his leadership skills to publicservice by running for election to the Rochester Board of Education. Uponwinning the city-wide election, Malik became the youngest person ever electedto the Board. As a member of the governing board of one of the largest urbanschool districts in the State, Malik’s motto is simple: “We can find solutionsto our most pressing challenges by focusing on finding common ground”. Heserved as Board President from 2008 through 2013, and has worked tirelessly toensure that students in Rochester have access to the same opportunities that hehad. Evans is a leader in business having worked for M&T Bank Corporationand currently employed by ESL Federal Credit Union.

Malik is involved in many community activities and boards,including the Board ofDirectors for Catholic Family Center and for the Rochester Area CommunityFoundation (RACF). His extensive leadership experience includes servingon the Monroe County Fair and Recreation Association Board of Directors; theUniversity of Rochester Trustee Alumni Council; Teen Court Advisory Board; theCatholic Family Center Homeless and Housing Panel; Prevention Partners Board ofDirectors; Center For Youth As Resources National Board of Directors.

Mr. Evans served as Legislative Aide to Rochester City Council,and was a member of former Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson's Commission on Raceand Ethnicity and the Mayor’s Entertainment Taskforce. He also served on theUnited Way’s Impact Cabinet; Basic Employability Skills Training Program (BEST)Advisory Board; the Liberty Partnership (LPP) Advisory Board; and the RochesterEducation and Literacy (REAL) Commission.

Malik's latest challenge is running after his young son, whoserves as a daily reminder that we must create a brighter future for the coming generation.