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Teachscape provides various avenues for teachers and administrators to enhance their learning in pursuit of  a highly  effective status.  Below is a basic review of content you will find at the site.

Professional Learning Suite 

The Professional Learning Suite is a rich, easy-to-use array of online multimedia content libraries, teachers and instructional leaders deepen their understanding of academic content while developing effective teaching and learning strategies.

        Over 10,000 individual learning resources

        More than 2,500 videos featuring classroom teaching and learning

        Over 100 experts providing detailed commentary and analysis

        Over 700,000 users in more than 2,000 school districts

        Major content areas represented by 8 resource libraries comprised of multiple

          learning modules

Intranet site:  Go to:  RCSD Intranet Home Page

                          Click on:  Departments

                          Locate:  Office of Human Capital Initiatives

                          Click on:  Office of Professional Learning

To access Teachscape click on the logo.