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Motor Skills Support
Occupational Therapist: Jane Henning 
Physical Therapist: Carol Bedenik-Carmel 
 Motor Skills Support
The information in this section is provided by both Motor Skills Support Techs - Jane Henning, OTR &/ or  Carol Bedenik-Carmel, PT. The activities listed are a direct supplement to be used with HighScope or to be used in specifically developing children's fine and gross motor skills.  
 Teacher Resources: Listed are activities to use when making your lesson plans. These activities correspond to the High Scope Teacher Resources, (ie "Numbers Plus Preschool Mathematics Curriculum", " Small-Group Times to Scaffold Early Learning", etc.)
Movement Supplement For Step-by-Step Lesson Plans for the First 30 Days (by MovingMindscbc)
Numbers Plus Preschool Mathematics Curriculum
1. Number Sense & Operations
2. Geometry
3. Measurement
4. Algebra
5. Data Analysis
Small-Group Times to Scaffold Early Learning
Math In The Preschool Classroom