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A School & Community Partnership

The aim of the Student and Family Support Center is to collaborate with parents as well as school staff to help improve the students' academic, emotional, social and personal growth.
The lead coordinating agency provides:

– Youth & Family support services

– Employment preparation & academic support

– Positive self esteem programs

Personal & social development workshops 

Educational Talent Search

Encourage & Supports students to do well

•Provides Mentoring & tutoring

• Educational & cultural field trips

• Computer access for research & assignments

• Provides supports & incentives for youth


• Academic success through mentorship with a youth advocate

. Youth advocates help students:

• Pursue graduation & prepare for life after high school graduation

Liberty Partnership Program

• Addresses the significant drop-out rate among our youth.

• Provides Advocacy via a on-site advisor

• Case management services

• Career exploration & tutoring

• Academic Support

 Urban League of Rochester

• Promotes positive behavior in school, home & community

• Provides Early intervention case management services

• Individualized programs

• Student support

• A diverse educational community organization

• Promotes Personal health, growth, & development

• Targets ages 12 to 25

• Life skills & prevention groups

Rochester After school Academy

• Helps students stay connected to school

• Provides Academic enrichment, recreational, social, artistic & character development activities

• Supports families & students

• After-School tutoring