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Grade Promotion Requirements:
  • 5 credits to be considered 10th grade
  • 11 credits to be considered 11th grade
  • 16 credits to be considered 12th grade 
22 credits and a passing exam grade on 5 NYS Regents exams are needed to graduate as indicated on the table below:
 Minimum # of credits   
 Minimum exam score for Regents Diploma
for all students 
Minimum exam score for Local Diploma
for students with a disability 
English  6555 
 Social Studies
Distributed as follows:
*US History (1)
*Part. in Government (0.5)
*Economics (0.5)
*Other (2) 
65 (US)
65 (Global)
55 (US)
55 (Global)
Distributed as follows:
*Life Science (1)
*Physical Science (1)
*Life Science or Physical Science 
65 55 
Mathematics  6555 
Language Other than English (LOTE) 1**   
Art or Music  1
PE (participation each semester)
Health 0.5 
 Electives 3.5 
 TOTAL 22 5 exams5 exams 
 ** Students with a disability may be excused from the requirements for 1 unit of credit in LOTE if so indicated on the IEP or 504 Plan but must still earn 22 credits to graduate